Scandinavia is known to be the land of snow. It also boasts of natural wonders that you will see nowhere else and the most welcoming people you will ever meet. If you keep digging, you will be amazed by what is on offer in this part of the world. So you have decided to go to for luxury tours of Scandinavia? What a great choice you have made. To give you a little of what to expect, here are things to do when traveling to Scandinavia:

Take a trip to the Northern lights

From September all the way to April, Aurora Borealis aSdAASQds(Northern Light) dances daily across the Scandinavian sky. Scientifically, this happens when massive numbers of electrons collide with air particles across the earth’s magnetic field. What results is a big glow across the sky. The best place to see this nature finest phenomenon is in Iceland, Northern Norway and Sweden. If you did not have this is your bucket list, this is reason enough to do it now.

Lose yourself in the Geirangerfjord

In Norway, this icy blue fjord is a favorite among visitors. It features untouched forests and snow-fully covered mountains. Waterfalls, kayaking, and hiking could never be done better than here. The UNESCO’s world heritage site is a big welcome if you find yourself in this part. If you love nature, here is the number one place for you.

Spend your night in an abandoned Jumbo jet

In Finland, if you are not very fond of the heated igloos, how about a jumbo jet for the night? The Jumbo Stay hostel in Stockholm could one of the best things you could experience around here. You can dine and spend the night here alongside other guests. This is a 70s non-functional 747 Boeing that will offer you something different from all the other accommodations you are used to.

Go for a silly festival

Wait until you attend one of these; you will see that it qualifies to be called “silly.” Playing soccer in a swamp, mosquito squashing, playing air guitar and throwing mobile phones; doesn’t everything there qualifies to be silly? This is one kind of an event you can attend in Finland. Get embroiled in the mud, have mad fun and get back to a good night’s rest and this will go down as one of your best holidays.

Travel north for a polar bear snap

asDaqASDSIf the only closest you have been to a polar bear is on Nat Geo wild, you should travel to Northern Scandinavia and have a live view of the master of the North Pole. On your way, you will see an array of wildlife, have fun on the road. In the extreme north, you will be sure to spot and take a picture of a real bear. This is not the only thing, the untouched glacier forests and untamed wilderness will catch your eye.

If you are a fan of the wilderness, urban life and seeing nature’s finest phenomena; Scandinavia is the destination for you. Pack your bags today and look forward to the best holiday you will ever have in your lifetime.