Literary Points of Interests and Landmarks in San Francisco

Have you made plans to visit San Francisco anytime soon? Do you love literature? Well, if yes, then you should ensure that you visit some of the city’s most prominent cultural landmarks. But do you know any of them? You have come to the right place. Here are the five best spots you can visit while you are in San Francisco if you are a literature lover. They can help you find the best things to do in San Francisco.

City Lights

This is the most famous  landmark in the city. It is located in the North Beach neighborhood on Columbus Avenue. City Lights is very famous since it has been the a common place for the generation of renown writers that include Jack Kerouac. You can come and have a look on  the crowded stacks of the bookstore to lay your hands on used and new treasures.

Kerouac Alley

The Jack Kerouac Alley is just adjacent to the City of Lights Bookstore. This colorful alley has been  off to automobile traffics since the year 2007. It is a very important landmark in the city because it is filled with vibrant murals that are a reminder of Kerouac’s travels in Mexico. It also close to Vesuvio café, an area where several renown writers used to spend their time.

Robert Frost Plaza

Most people know Robert Frost as a poet who was born in New England. Unknown to many, he was born in San Francisco. Robert Frost plaza is a very important landmark in the city because it commemorates Robert Frost’s time in San Francisco.

Stevenson Monument

This monument is dedicated to Louis Stevenson, a Scotsman who was popular for writing novels like The Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This monument is located in the Portsmouth square. Portsmouth squarely is just adjacent to the Chinatown neighborhood. Robert Louis Stevenson moved to San Francisco from Scotland in 1880.

The Beat Museum

The Beat Museum is a small museum that features manuscripts, bios, photos, first editions, and memorabilia from the Beat writers. The Beat Museum is located next to the City Lights Bookstore and Jack Kerouac Valley.
You can thus pop over to the Beat Museum and continue with your North Beach Beat Education once you are done with visiting City Lights Bookstore and Jack Kerouac Valley. You will be charged 8 dollars for General admission to the Beat Museum.…

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