How to Spend a Day in a Major City as a Tourist

When visiting a new city, people usually have a daunting task figuring out how they can spend their day perfectly. For the case of big cities, you need to have a perfect schedule for you to enjoy the best tour. While you cannot do everything in one day, there are ways you can get yourself into important and fancy places in the city. For instance, if you are spending a day in a unique city in Vietnam, you can do amazing things in Hoi An city as it is a heritage site that is superb. The following are some unique ways that you can spend a day in a fancy city as a tourist.


citySpend the Day Sightseeing

Major cities have fancy sites for attractions within a short walking distance. You can use any regular buses or even the boats to move around for more sights in a short time. You can drop in historical sites such as a museum where you will have to know the culture and history of that city. If the city has a parliament, you will have a chance to spot some famous politicians. You will also spend time in most iconic buildings in one place and the prettiest designs.

Go Shopping

Some people love shopping since they are serious spending sprees. Shopping is the best thing you can do if you are interested in the products you see in that city. You can visit big malls where you can view varieties of classic products. If you love antiques, flowers or gifts, you can drop at major boutiques and other independent stores. You can also shop for exceptional foods that you can enjoy in your tour. You can try some items that are not common in your home city; otherwise, this is the fancy part of the tour.

Get Some Culture

When you want to learn about the culture of the city you are touring, the first place you can think of is the museum. You will be able to learn the history of that city from the day it was being built up to the present day. You need to visit different types of museums such as the natural museum and the science museum. You can also visit the parliament exhibitions among others that are present in that city. Do not forget the historical building and communities in the city; see some of the greatest paintings if present.


travelDig Into the City’s Pubs, Restaurants, and Bars

You are new in town, and you need to have a refreshment, make sure you get to know the fancy places where you can have your meals. There are always ideal restaurants where you can feel adventurous and get the best types of meals you have never had in your home city. If you would like to drink, visit some bars or pubs with the perfect scenery to spend your evening. Depending on your preference, you can visit historical pubs, the craft beer house, cocktail bars or the old-fashioned boozers where you can have fun and grab a drink if you need one.…

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Things to do when traveling to Scandinavia

Scandinavia is known to be the land of snow. It also boasts of natural wonders that you will see nowhere else and the most welcoming people you will ever meet. If you keep digging, you will be amazed by what is on offer in this part of the world. So you have decided to go to for luxury tours of Scandinavia? What a great choice you have made. To give you a little of what to expect, here are things to do when traveling to Scandinavia:

Take a trip to the Northern lights

From September all the way to April, Aurora Borealis aSdAASQds(Northern Light) dances daily across the Scandinavian sky. Scientifically, this happens when massive numbers of electrons collide with air particles across the earth’s magnetic field. What results is a big glow across the sky. The best place to see this nature finest phenomenon is in Iceland, Northern Norway and Sweden. If you did not have this is your bucket list, this is reason enough to do it now.

Lose yourself in the Geirangerfjord

In Norway, this icy blue fjord is a favorite among visitors. It features untouched forests and snow-fully covered mountains. Waterfalls, kayaking, and hiking could never be done better than here. The UNESCO’s world heritage site is a big welcome if you find yourself in this part. If you love nature, here is the number one place for you.

Spend your night in an abandoned Jumbo jet

In Finland, if you are not very fond of the heated igloos, how about a jumbo jet for the night? The Jumbo Stay hostel in Stockholm could one of the best things you could experience around here. You can dine and spend the night here alongside other guests. This is a 70s non-functional 747 Boeing that will offer you something different from all the other accommodations you are used to.

Go for a silly festival

Wait until you attend one of these; you will see that it qualifies to be called “silly.” Playing soccer in a swamp, mosquito squashing, playing air guitar and throwing mobile phones; doesn’t everything there qualifies to be silly? This is one kind of an event you can attend in Finland. Get embroiled in the mud, have mad fun and get back to a good night’s rest and this will go down as one of your best holidays.

Travel north for a polar bear snap

asDaqASDSIf the only closest you have been to a polar bear is on Nat Geo wild, you should travel to Northern Scandinavia and have a live view of the master of the North Pole. On your way, you will see an array of wildlife, have fun on the road. In the extreme north, you will be sure to spot and take a picture of a real bear. This is not the only thing, the untouched glacier forests and untamed wilderness will catch your eye.

If you are a fan of the wilderness, urban life and seeing nature’s finest phenomena; Scandinavia is the destination for you. Pack your bags today and look forward to the best holiday you will ever have in your lifetime.…

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Literary Points of Interests and Landmarks in San Francisco

Have you made plans to visit San Francisco anytime soon? Do you love literature? Well, if yes, then you should ensure that you visit some of the city’s most prominent cultural landmarks. But do you know any of them? You have come to the right place. Here are the five best spots you can visit while you are in San Francisco if you are a literature lover. They can help you find the best things to do in San Francisco.

City Lights

This is the most famous  landmark in the city. It is located in the North Beach neighborhood on Columbus Avenue. City Lights is very famous since it has been the a common place for the generation of renown writers that include Jack Kerouac. You can come and have a look on  the crowded stacks of the bookstore to lay your hands on used and new treasures.

Kerouac Alley

The Jack Kerouac Alley is just adjacent to the City of Lights Bookstore. This colorful alley has been  off to automobile traffics since the year 2007. It is a very important landmark in the city because it is filled with vibrant murals that are a reminder of Kerouac’s travels in Mexico. It also close to Vesuvio café, an area where several renown writers used to spend their time.

Robert Frost Plaza

Most people know Robert Frost as a poet who was born in New England. Unknown to many, he was born in San Francisco. Robert Frost plaza is a very important landmark in the city because it commemorates Robert Frost’s time in San Francisco.

Stevenson Monument

This monument is dedicated to Louis Stevenson, a Scotsman who was popular for writing novels like The Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This monument is located in the Portsmouth square. Portsmouth squarely is just adjacent to the Chinatown neighborhood. Robert Louis Stevenson moved to San Francisco from Scotland in 1880.

The Beat Museum

The Beat Museum is a small museum that features manuscripts, bios, photos, first editions, and memorabilia from the Beat writers. The Beat Museum is located next to the City Lights Bookstore and Jack Kerouac Valley.
You can thus pop over to the Beat Museum and continue with your North Beach Beat Education once you are done with visiting City Lights Bookstore and Jack Kerouac Valley. You will be charged 8 dollars for General admission to the Beat Museum.…

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Top Activities To Engage In While Touring The USA

If you decide to take a tour of the world, then you should be ready to explore amazing natural sceneries, wildlife, man-made amusement parks and lots more attractions across the world. Depending on the areas you decide to tour, you cannot exploit all the available options. So, if you decide, to tour North America, then the following are some of the amazing activities you can engage in.


Visit the Walt Disney World – Orlando

Orlando in Florida state is known for the many amusement parks, but none can beat the Walt Disney World. It is the mother of all and known across the world. While in the USA, it is crucial that you and your family or partner pay a visit to this site. It is made of several of numerous theme parks to make one beautiful amusement park. Some of them include Hollywood studios and magic kingdom. For you to visit all areas conveniently, you need mobility help through scooters which are a popular method. You can hire ecv scooters from one of the reliable suppliers in Florida.fdgdfgdfgdfgfd

Niagara Falls – New York

If you love nature, then at Niagara falls in New York is where you meet a spectacular nature at its best. It is one of the best natural attraction in the continent and worth visiting. It is actually made of three falls, namely; horseshoe falls, bridal veil falls, and the American falls. The location is busy with visitors all year round, and it is easy to get a guided tour.

The river walk – San Antonio

When you decide to visit Texas, then San Antonio river walk is the place to start. This interconnected walk ways along the San Antonio river is a good trip to take in the afternoon through one of the many boats around. Some of the amazing expectations are the great architectures and the fascinating views. The stretch also has amazing restaurants to wind your evening with a mouth watering dinner.

Navy Pier – Chicago

There is one great pier in Chicago that extends over to Lake Michigan. However, this is not all about it. It has beautiful gardens, children museums, and many other attractions. What is amazing about the Navy pier is that it is accommodative for kids and adults alike. You do not have to eat somewhere else as there are numerous restaurants for any meal of your choice.fddfgfdgdfgdfgdfg

With the above areas to visit, your trip to the USA can be a great fan.…

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Choosing a travel destination

Touring the world is a very interesting endeavor, one that you are guaranteed to enjoy, as long as you spend sufficient time carefully planning. With a lot of variables to consider, it is best to choose a travel destination in good time and based on researched information.

Choosing a travel destination is no easy task, and requires that you take sufficient time making the decision. In this post, you will get some pointers on how you should go about the whole process and hopefully have the best time ever.

Selecting the perfect travel destination


First of all, you have to find the motivation for your trip. Every traskjadbvjkbkjsadbvkabsdkjvbasjdbvkjabsdvasdvsadvvel destination is unique, giving you different experiences to choose from. The most typical interest includes culture, adventure, history, and relaxation. For culture, you have to choose places that have unique culture than your local one, so visiting an Asian or European country might be a good consideration. Historical sites are all over the world, hence the need to do research and find out which one you wish to visit. Safari destinations are the most likely to offer you the most adventure, while coastal destinations are the best for relaxation. When selecting your destination, make sure to explore places that accommodate for your interest.


With a properly though budget, you will be able to identify destinations that are good for you. Make sure to factor in all the necessary variables such as accommodation and transportation.

Cost of living in destination

The cost of living is not the same all around the world, hence the need to properly plan for that. For instance, if you visit a destination in Africa, the cost of living there will be far more affordable compared to a destination in Europe. Properly accounting for the cost of living will help you properly prepare your budget.


Convenient should be your biggest concern, making sure to time for the best time to visit. For instance, if you wish to see animals, then avoid visiting the given destination during the rainy seasons.

Special events

snnvlnsaldnvlkasdlkvnlkasdnvlkasndlkvasdvasdvasdvasIt is also important to note that every travel destination might have a given season where special events take place. To get the most out of your trip, it is best to align your visit with such incidents; this will ensure that you have a better experience.

Planning for travel is one of the most exciting things you will ever undertake, hence the need to ensure that you pick the right destination.…

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